Connected Educator

This week’s assignments have been not only extremely interesting but also very beneficial to my future as an educator. I enjoyed the twitter chat more than I thought I would. I had never used twitter and I really enjoyed talking to my classmates about education from the comfort of my home! I think this will be a beneficial tool in my future as an educator. It can provide a place for educators to collaborate and inspire one another in order to improve the system of education as a whole.

Connecting with my peers by commenting on their blogs has also been an exciting experience. Seeing the different perspectives of technology and education has been eye opening. All of the different TedTalks have really provided me with great inspiration and ideas for my career as a future educator. I loved answering everyones different questions. This was a great way to promote discussion and collaboration between classmates.

This activity also provided me with an abundance of ways to incorporate ISTE standards into my future classroom. Each blog post I read provided me with a different standard to think about. I will be able to take all of the questions and ideas of each of these posts and use them to incorporate technology into the education of my future students which will in turn lead them to be more successful students.

The students I responded to, followed on twitter and Linkdin were







Connected Educator

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